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The ChordPro Format

The Chordpro-Format is used for the notation of Chords in plain ASCII-Text format.

The chords are written in square brackets [] at the position in the song-text where they are played:

[Em]Hello, [Dm]why not try the [Em]ChordPro for[Am]mat

WebChord uses a CGI program written in Perl to convert from ChordPro format to HTML.
To get the chords above the lyrics in the correct places, WebChord uses HTML tables.

This is how Wechord converts the text:

Am     Dm              Em          Am
Hello, why not try the chordPro format

Commands are within curly brackets {} in the ChordPro format.
The following ChordPro commands are implemented in WebChord:

Command Description Note
{title:..} oder {t:..}
Song Title will be displayed using 'Heading 1'
{subtitle:..} oder {st:..}
Subtitle Usually composer or artist.
will be displayed using 'Heading 2'
{comment:..} oder {c:..}
Comment e.g. 'Chorus'
Comments have a coloured background.
{comment_italic:..} oder {ci:..}
italic comment Comments are written in italics.
{comment_box:..} oder {cb:..}
Comment Box Comments have a coloured background.
{soc} und {eoc}
Start and end of Chorus. The chorus has a coloured background
{sot} und {eot}
Start and end of a tab A fixed-width font is used.
Defines a special chord <chord name> <position> <String6>..<String1>
e.g.: G 1 3 2 0 0 0 3
graphical representation of chords not yet
implemented. Perhaps in a later version!
Comment line These lines will not be displayed.
['|] Vertical bar displayed as a vertical bar above the lyrics.
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